Sunday, April 3, 2016

Holy Face Illuminated Carving Shadowbox

Jared Ergo has created a beautiful work of art based on a photograph by Paul Badde of the Holy Face of Manoppello.

It is the Holy Face Illuminated Carving Shadowbox.  The Holy Face is carved into a piece of porcelain and comes alive when the small interior bulb is turned on (shown in picture with light on).  The porcelain is framed in a dark stained wooden shadow box.  Its approximately 6in x 5.25in x 2.125in in size.  It comes with a 6ft power cord and is operated by a small on/off rocker switch.  The shadow box can be mounted on a wall or rest nicely on a desk or prayer table.     

It is available for purchase at 
They are made in small quantities so please be patient with ship times.

The artist posted on  March 17 the following:  "We were inspired to create the Holy Face of Manoppello illuminated carving after encountering the Face through a book by Paul Badde, "The Face of God". The history and significance of the Holy Face is very interesting. In short, the Veil of Manoppello is thought to be the actual head burial cloth of Jesus Christ. It is known as "Acheiropoieta" or not made by human hands. The actual image is imprinted on a very rare material called byssus or mussel silk. The history of the veil's journey is long and storied, and believed to have once inhabited the Vatican before it found its way to the small village of Manoppello, Italy.
In recent years, thanks to authors like Paul Badde and Father Heinrich Pfeiffer, the image has become more popular. Research by Father Heinrich Pfeiffer and Sister Blandina Paschalis Schloemer strongly suggest a matching alignment between the Shroud of Turin and the Face of Manoppello. In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI visited the church in Manoppello and elevated it into a Basilica shortly after."
and also "One of our hopes is to translate the Face of Manoppello into a reflective and meditative tool to support prayer life, while also raising awareness of this relatively unknown icon. Our prayer life is the foundation of our personal relationship with Jesus and therefore God. At the prompting of the Holy Spirit we feel the need to contemplate the Life that Jesus brings thereby strengthening our relationship with the Father. Spending time with Jesus is the proper response to His infinite Love for us. His Love becomes our love, and by sharing this love back with Jesus we partake in His eternal Life.
Contemplative prayer is not just for the clergy, consecrated or very "holy" lay person. We are all called to contemplative prayer. We are called to contemplate the Life of Christ in prayer.
“Life without prayer has no meaning or points of reference” - Pope Benedict XVI
“Listening, meditating and remaining in silence before the Lord is an art”.” - Pope Benedict XVI
“Contemplative prayer in my opinion is nothing else than a close sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us.” - St. Teresa of Avila"

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