Monday, November 30, 2015

Holy Face to be Venerated On January 16 and 17 in the Upcoming Holy Year of Mercy at the Church of Santo Spirito in Rome

Paul Badde reports that on January 16 and 17, 2016, during the Holy Year of Mercy, the Holy Face will  be venerated at the Roman church of Santo Spirito (Holy Spirit) close by to St. Peter's Basilica and which is closely connected with the first procession of the Holy Face in Rome.  

Paul writes:

On January 20, 1208 ("Omnis Terra" Second Sunday after the feast of Epiphany) Pope Innocent III solemnly carried in procession for the first time in Rome the Holy Sudarium from St. Peter's to  show to the sick pilgrims in the Santo Spirito Hospital.

We can say that from this moment the news of the authentic and true icon of the human face of God has spread throughout the Church of the West.

A few years later the pope wrote the famous hymn "Salve Sancta Facies" for the veneration of the Holy Face.

And today we arranged (by the grace of God) with Mons. Jozef Bart, the rector of the Church of the Holy Spirit, that on the eve of the next  "Omnis Terra" Sunday (Saturday, 16 January 2016), a beautiful replica of the Holy and Merciful Face will be exposed in the Church of the Holy Spirit where it will remain until the celebration of a Solemn Holy Mass on the  following evening of Sunday, January 17, Year of Mercy.

And think and remember well: this church was renamed by Saint Pope John Paul II. as the "Church of the Divine Mercy" when he had introduced a "Divine Mercy Sunday" in the calendar of the Catholic Church. It is a beautiful church near St. Peter today containing relics of Sister Faustina Kowalska and Pope John Paul II. - With a large copy of the Divine Mercy in Krakow

Friday, October 30, 2015

Archbishop Georg Gänswein Makes Private Visit to the Shrine of the Holy Face of Manoppello

by Antonio Bini

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Prefect of the Papal Household of Pope Francis and personal secretary to Pope Benedict XVI, made a private visit last Tuesday October 27 to the shrine of the Holy Face, accompanied by two religious. "It was an unannounced visit - which took us by surprise" - relates Fr. Carmine Cucinelli, Rector of the Shrine - "The Archbishop's visit made us especially happy because it was actually a return visit."

Fr. Carmine, Msgr. Georg and Sr. Petra-Maria

In fact, Msgr. Georg, as he is commonly known in Italy due to the complexities of his surname, came to Manoppello, accompanying Benedict XVI on the occasion of the historic papal pilgrimage of September 1, 2006. Msgr. Georg's visit fuels the hypothesis of a possible future visit to the Shrine by Pope Francis during the upcoming special Jubilee Year of Mercy. Advance notice of an invitation of this kind had been shared with the Capuchin friars of Manoppello by the Capuchin Minister General, Fr. Mauro Johry, during his visit to Manoppello in June of this year, accompanied by the Capuchin Provincial of Abruzzo, Fr. Carmine Ranieri. (Cf.

Here it seems appropriate to remember that Pope Francis' Bull of Indiction announcing the special Jubilee  "Misericordiae Vultus" begins by calling to mind the face of Christ: "Jesus Christ is the face of the Father's Mercy. These words might well sum up the mystery of the Christian faith."

Fr. Paolo, Fr. Carmine and Msgr. Georg

Msgr. Georg after pausing in prayer before the Holy Face visited the exhibit hall of the Shrine guided by  Fr. Paolo Palombarini and Sr. Petra-Maria Steiner who described for him the recently reorganized exhibit which 
illustrates the relationship of the Holy Face in continuity with the images of Veronica and the Shroud of Turin. An actual size reproduction of the Shroud has recently been included in the exhibition. Before leaving Manoppello Msgr. Georg signed the guest book of the Shrine.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Francis Reflecting on His Visit to Cuba and the USA

at the General Audience St. Peter's Square, August 26, 2015
September 2015 saw Pope Francis bringing the message of Jesus Christ and His Church to Cuba and the United States.  The month prior to his trip Pope Francis had received a beautiful copy of the Holy Face of Manoppello.  A few weeks  before the start of his visit  the 2015 Holy Face Mission arrived on the West Coast of the USA even to the city which could be called the "metropolis of the West Coast" -- Los Angeles.  Let's take to heart the words which Pope Francis spoke at his General Audience at St. Peter's Square today

"The climax of the trip was the Meeting with Families at Philadelphia, where the horizon extended to the whole world through the “prism”, so to speak, of the family. The family, namely the fruitful bond between man and woman, is the answer to the great challenge of our world, which is a double challenge: fragmentation and massification, two extremes that coexist and sustain one another, and together they sustain the consumerist economic model. The family is the answer because it is the cell of a society that balances the personal and the communal dimension, and which at the same time can be the model of a sustainable management of the goods and resources of Creation. The family is the leading subject of an integral ecology, because it is the primary social subject, which contains within itself the two basic principles of human civilization on earth: the principle of communion and the principle of fecundity. Biblical humanism presents this icon to us: the human couple, united and fecund, placed by God in the garden of the world, to cultivate and protect it."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Holy Face at University of Santo Tomas in Manila on September 15

Students and staff of the University line up to venerate a replica of the Holy Face of Manoppello 

Fr. Carmine speaking in the University church with Fr. Ted translating

photos by Paul Badde

Friday, September 11, 2015

You Shall Be My Witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria to the End of the Earth (Acts 1:8)

from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles, California
Wednesday, September 9, 2015

                                                                  Psalm 67

                         May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us

            that your way may be known upon earth, your saving power among all nations.

                             Let the peoples praise you, O God, let all the peoples praise you!

                       Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity
and guide the nations upon earth. Let the peoples praise you O God, let all the peoples praise you!

                      The earth has yielded its increase; God, our God has blessed us.  God has blessed us;
                                                        let all the ends of the earth fear him!

Acts of the Apostles 1:9-11   And when he had said this, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight.  And while they were gazing into heaven as they went, behold two men stood by them in white robes, and said, "Men of Galilee, why do you stand  looking into heaven?  This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven."

Photos by Paul Badde