Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing the Historical Face of Jesus Today

The psalmist cried out : Lord that I may see your face! And the prayer was answered at that time up to the present. Are we ready to be surprised that we might see his face? Paul Badde once again in his latest book, the Shroud of Turin or the Secret of the Holy Image, has turned over the hour glass of history and brought us back, back, back and then again to the present so that we might not only be surprised but enchanted at the presence of the face of Christ in history and today.

Despite the fact that I know so little German I will try to give you a listing in English of the German titles of the chapters of his book:

The pilgrimage of the burial cloths (shrouds)
The Map of Sorrows
Earthquake in Jerusalem
From East to West
Sunken Gold
Vulture of Golgotha
The Missing Link of Easter Night
Light for the Way in the Desert
The Gospel of the Early Church
The Revolution of the Pictures
The rolled away stone
The Divine Kaleidoscope

The unique relationship between the two image bearing cloths from the tomb of Christ will cause many to say once again: Lord, show us your face and we shall be saved.

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