Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Lady of Absam

From the village of Absam, near Innsbruck, Austria. A special image of Our Lady which suddenly appeared on a pane of glass in the home of the Bucher family in 1797. The image is in the glass, it is not etched or painted. If the pane of glass is immersed in water the image disappears but then re-appears when the glass dries. This miraculous image of Our Lady of Absam, not made by human hands (acheropite) is now enshrined in the local church with the blessing of the parish priest and the local bishop for over 200 years. Thanks to Paul Badde for telling me about this acheropite image and for providing me with these photos..

Doesn't it remind you of the Holy Face of Manoppello in so many ways? The transparency of the material, the features of the two faces,the inexplicability, the dimensions...the supernatural breaking into the natural world.

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