Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayer for the Beatification of Father Domenico da Cese

Bishop Luca Brandolini of the Diocese of Sora-Aquino-Pontecorvo composed and published a prayer in 2006 for the beatification of Padre Domenico, the apostle of the Holy Face. What follows is my translation of Bishop Brandolini's prayer. To see the original Italian (and check me) click on the image of the prayer above to enlarge it.

O God, glorify in the Church your servant Father Domenico da Cese, humble Capuchin priest, to whom you gave the privilege of sharing also visibly the passion of Christ and of being able to read into the hearts of souls in order to relieve their burdens and to reconcile them with you through the sacrament of pardon, as well as the capacity of recognizing in the poor and the suffering the very Holy Face of your beloved Son, whose devotion he promoted with such zeal, through his intercession obtain for me the humility of heart and the simplicity of the little ones to whom you have revealed the secrets of the Kingdom, and in my hour of trial give me the strength to overcome the seductions of evil in order to put Satan to flight, and to merit, at the end of my earthly pilgrimage, to be able to contemplate the Holy Face of Jesus in the glory of Paradise.

Though unworthy as I am of your divine favors, I ask that you might grant, through the intercession of your faithful servant Father Domenico, the grace that I humbly ask of you...

This prayer was sent to me by Antonio Bini who received it from Mr. Nicola Iacobone of Rome during the recent Manoppello conference on Father Domenico by the express wish of Bishop Brandolini. Many thanks to each of them. In a future post I will share Bishop Brandolini's preface to the book on Father Domenico written by Mario Sgarbosso which I also received through the same channel.

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