Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let Me See Your Face O Lord.

Dozens of times in the Psalms the psalmist cries out, "Let me see your face, O Lord." - Throughout the liturgy of the Church, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and in the Liturgy of the Hours this cry resounds. Jesus Himself showed His face to the people who lived in Palestine in the first century when He walked the earth, as an answer to the Psalmist. He desired to leave an image of His face on the burial facecloth as a mark of the resurrection left behind in the tomb (John 20:8) when He returned to heaven so that the people of God would have in very truth the ability to see His face.

The production of icons throughout the ages, copies of the Holy Face, have made it possible for all to see the Face of Jesus, the Face of God. Great works of art in the Renaissance period were devoted to the Face of Jesus. In Rome for centuries the original Holy Face from the facecloth left in the tomb (the Veronica) was displayed for thousands and thousands to see. When the Veronica was transferred to Manoppello in a mysterious way the desire of the Christian people to see the Face of God continued as strong as ever, even though the original Holy Face was no longer in view as before. The Stations of the Cross and the devotion to the Holy Face continued to remain strong in the people of God.


Pat said...

Just sharing some good news. Our Parish in Louisiana will be holding and evening of prayer and adoration in honor of The Holy Face on Feb. 12th, which is the feast day of The Holy Face. Inspired by your wonderful blog, we will have there a standing display of The Holy Face with Il Volto Santo of Manoppello. Please keep us in your prayers, the Our Lord will draw souls to attend. (it is Mardi Gras night, when the most hirrible basphemies occur.). May His Face shine upon you always! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

Raymond Frost said...

That is very good news indeed. I'll be praying for that intention. After February 12 if you have photos and a little news about the evening of prayer I would like to put it on the blog. Thanks for your kind words and for your devotion to the Holy Face.