Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Steve Ray, Popular Catholic Author and Pilgrimage Leader Interviewed from the Shrine of the Holy Face of Manoppello

photo by Paul Badde

Steve Ray, one of the best informed Catholic media personalities in the United States on the nature of the Holy Face of Manoppello, was interviewed on the topic on Relevant Radio on June 21. In fact Steve was speaking from right next to the Holy Face in the shrine of the Holy Face by cell phone with Wendy Wiese the guest host of the "Morning Air with Sean Herriott" program.

Steve Ray has led several pilgrimages which have included visits to the Shrine of the Holy Face and has another pilgrimage in October. In this interview Steve speaks with great enthusiasm about Paul Badde's research on the Holy Face related in the book The Face of God published by Ignatius Press and about the inexplicable nature of the holy image and how available it is to pilgrims for prayer and devotion who make the two hour trip from Rome to the little hilltop town of Manoppello. Steve Ray also wrote about his visit to the Shrine in his blog:

Follow this link to Steve's interview at this link starting at minute 29 ---

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