Friday, January 10, 2014

New York Encounters the Holy Face

based on a flyer for the exhibit on the Holy Face

January 17-19, 2014 | Manhattan Center | 311 West 34th Street | New York City

New York Encounter is an annual three-day public cultural festival in New York City, organized by members of the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation and by the Crossroads Cultural Center

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The exhibit is open to the public and free of charge New York Encounter invites you to a weekend of public discussions, exhibits, presentations, and live performances exploring the nature of the person and the flourishing of that person in belonging to a people. Our hope is that New York Encounter itself can give witness to the life of a people whose heart has been reawakened by an encounter with a human presence.

The exhibit retraces the events of the most ancient portraits of Christ, called acheiropoietos (i.e., not made by human hands) and, in particular, of the Veil of Manoppello, Italy, visited in 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI during his first papal trip.

Recent studies have re-opened the question of whether this veil, because of its unique
features, might be the one used by Veronica to wipe Jesus' face on His way to Calvary. The exhibit will document how the desire to see the Face of God, which characterizes the Old Testament, has been present in the life of the Church throughout the centuries and is still the object of modern man's profound nostalgia.

Guided Tours of the Exhibit
Friday, January 17: 8:00 PM | 9:15 PM

Saturday, January 18: 10:00 AM | 11:15 AM | 12:30 PM | 1:45 PM | 3:00 PM | 4:15 PM | 5:30 PM | 6:45 PM

Sunday, January 19: 11:00 AM | 12:15 PM | 1:30 PM | 2:45 PM | 4:00 PM | 6:00 PM |
7:15 PM | 8:30 PM


Carol Surowiec said...

Dear Holy Face of Jesus,
Please arrange with your good people to bring this exhibit to Chicago, to all the United States,
so that your people may see you and know of the wonder of your Holy Face.

Daisy Neves said...

I agree with the previous comment..please pass on the message to Mr Paul Badde and his companions to bring the Holy Face of Jesus (enshrined in Manoppello, Italy..115 miles from Rome) Exhibition to the West Coast..Washington, Oregon, California and Vancouver, Canada, too. The Holy Face is the most important relic in christiandom.