Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Francis Reflecting on His Visit to Cuba and the USA

at the General Audience St. Peter's Square, August 26, 2015
September 2015 saw Pope Francis bringing the message of Jesus Christ and His Church to Cuba and the United States.  The month prior to his trip Pope Francis had received a beautiful copy of the Holy Face of Manoppello.  A few weeks  before the start of his visit  the 2015 Holy Face Mission arrived on the West Coast of the USA even to the city which could be called the "metropolis of the West Coast" -- Los Angeles.  Let's take to heart the words which Pope Francis spoke at his General Audience at St. Peter's Square today

"The climax of the trip was the Meeting with Families at Philadelphia, where the horizon extended to the whole world through the “prism”, so to speak, of the family. The family, namely the fruitful bond between man and woman, is the answer to the great challenge of our world, which is a double challenge: fragmentation and massification, two extremes that coexist and sustain one another, and together they sustain the consumerist economic model. The family is the answer because it is the cell of a society that balances the personal and the communal dimension, and which at the same time can be the model of a sustainable management of the goods and resources of Creation. The family is the leading subject of an integral ecology, because it is the primary social subject, which contains within itself the two basic principles of human civilization on earth: the principle of communion and the principle of fecundity. Biblical humanism presents this icon to us: the human couple, united and fecund, placed by God in the garden of the world, to cultivate and protect it."

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