Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Enthronement of the Holy Face at St. Bede Church in La Canada, Los Angeles, California on Divine Mercy Sunday

Photo by Ludi Herrera

this photo and all below by Manny Evaldez

The first Enthronement of the Holy Face of Manoppello in a church in the USA took place on  Divine Mercy Sunday, April 3, 2016 with Msgr. Antonio Cacciapuoti, the Pastor of St. Bede the Venerable Church who celebrated the 9:00 A.M. Mass followed by the Enthronement of the Holy Face at 10:15 A.M. Mrs. Lydia Cruz, the person most responsible for the Enthronement writes "Fr. Cacciapuoti gave a short talk saying that we are blessed to have the Holy Face at St. Bede. Msgr. Antonio also said  'the students at St. Bede Elementary School (parochial school)  keep on asking me how Jesus looks. Now, I have a picture to show the Holy Face.'  Msgr. Cacciapuoti led the faithful in the prayer of Pope Francis for the Holy Year of Mercy. With blessing, incensing, music and picture takings after, the whole event lasted for about 40 minutes in order to provide for the next Mass at 11:00 A.M. The Enthronement was a very successful event with  many people in attendance." 

Msgr. Cacciapuoti, Pastor of St. Bede's together with some of those gathered for the Enthronement of the Holy Face

Merla Tabora Canoy, who was such a big part of organizing the Mission of the Holy Face to Southern California in September 2015, was present at the Enthronement and writes:

"Our apostolate Friends of the Holy Face in the USA are blessed by the overwhelming passion, support and sponsorship of Dr Leonard and Mrs.Lydia Cruz and Monsignor Antonio Cacciapuoti and his parish community of St. Bede who made it all happen to welcome the Holy Face of Jesus with a permanent devotional chapel for everyone to come, visit and pray.

Dr. and Mrs. Cruz, Fe and Ludi Herrera

The chapel is located at the church entrance on the right, adorned by a wall mosaic of St Anthony, 2 multi tiered candle offering stands, a kneeler , and a built in wall sofa facing the Holy Face. The Holy Face is encased in a bullet proof glass cabinet case and bolted to the wall. A nice glass table for flowers and candles surround the Holy Face cabinet. Inside the cabinet of the Holy Face stand is an 8x 11 gold plated engraved print of the Prayer to the Holy Face, so that when kneeling one can read the prayer composed by Pope Benedict XVI. On the wall is a framed print of the  authenticity certificate of this Holy Veil signed by Fr. Carmine Cucinelli, OFM, Cap., Rector of the Shrine of the Holy Face.  St. Bede's image of the Holy Face was personally blessed by Fr. Cucinelli at the original framed relic of the Holy Face in Manoppello , Italy 

Near the entrance door to St. Bede's is a wooden stand and a book to sign in names for prayer petitions and guests names too. Monsignor Antonio gathered some of the children to show them and answer their questions " how does God look like" His benediction was very solemn with a little background soft music by the parish choir. It is truly a perfect spot for Holy Face because all incoming parishioners and pilgrims are able to access the little chapel at any time the church is open . We cannot thank Mrs Lydia Cruz enough for her passion and dedication to sponsor this project and make it happen just a few weeks after Monsignor Antonio and his parish community at St Bede said yes, they welcome the Holy Face!

We will continue to pray to this parish community of St Bede and to all pilgrims who want to visit and seek the miracle and gift of His Holy Face. WE will continue to spread the word on the devotion to the Holy Face, that the Human Face of God exist , He lived with us for 33 years, that we can feel this holy connection as long as we open our hearts,our mind in total surrender , He is here always in our hearts.
Thanks to all your prayers and blessings dear Fr Carmine, our apostolate friends of the Holy Face always meeting as complete strangers as the lord Jesus always leads us at the start of our every mission since it began in 2013 , will always be united by our faith, love and devotion to the the Holy Face of Jesus and to the Blessed Mother Mary..
All for the honor and greater glory of God,
All praises and thanks be to God. Amen 
Msgr. Cacciapuoti along  with Ludi and Fe Herrera, Lynda Cabigas, Merla Canoy, Elle Esperanze, Joe and Ana Sayas,
Dr. and Mrs. Cruz 

Mrs. Cruz with Fr. Tony Marti, OFM, Cap., President of St. Francis High School, La Canada
A video of the Enthronement Ceremony is available on the Facebook page edited by Merla Tabora Canoy -- Friends of the Holy Face of Jesus - SHFJ Intl https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-the-Holy-Face-of-Jesus-SHFJ-Intl-572875599519193/?fref=nf

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