Monday, July 25, 2016

Mother of the Holy Face Please Magnify Prayers for Francesca Bini, Paul Badde and Daisy Neves

We have learned just the other day of the diagnosis received by Francesca Bini, the wife of Antonio Bini, of a very serious illness.

Francesca Bini

  Intense prayers are requested from all the followers and readers of this blog for dear Francesca, as well as for the ongoing health challenges being suffered by Paul Badde and Daisy Neves.  May the Mother of the Holy Face magnify the prayers offered to her Son's Holy Face for Francesca, Paul and Daisy.

Francesca Bini, Paul Badde, Fr. Daren Zehnle, Antonio Bini

Daisy Neves and Raymond Frost

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Pat said...

Lifting each one in prayer before the Holy Face of Jesus, through the intercession of His merciful and most compassionate Mother!