Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Festival of Music for Holy Week at Basilica of Holy Face of Manoppello

In many parts of the world there are ancient cultural traditions which are a living part of the local regions cultural heritage and deeply formed by the Christian celebration of Holy Week. This is especially true in Abruzzo. A number of musical groups came together on Saturday,April 12, the eve of Palm Sunday this year, for a concert held in the Basilica of the Holy Face of Manoppello entitled "Passione di Gesu" .

Here is a video of one of the groups which participated "Zampogne d'Abruzzo"

There are a number of other videos of the event which can be found on the Youtube Channel Chorus Inside.

The gathering, which centered on the theme of The Passion of Christ, was organized by the ACLI (Association of Italian Christian Workers) of Chieti as an act of devotion to the Holy Face. Hundreds of people came to listen to 13 groups representing a number of places in Abruzzo. The event culminated with the performance by the pipers of the Associazione Zampogne d'Abruzzo. The musical numbers included especially those songs coming from the musical traditions of Abruzzo which are linked to the Easter and Passiontide rites. Around 500 choir members and musicians, belonging to a number of groups wore red berets, to symbolize the passion, and were welcomed by Padre Carmine Cucinelli and the community of the Capuchin friars.

The groups participating were: The Voci Bianche Choir from the Primary School of Torrevecchia Teatina, Musici Marrucini, Citta' di Chieti, F.S. Selecchy di Chieti, Pro Villa Reale; Gruppo Misto N.C.T. di Francavilla al Mare, Gruppo Cantori di Bucchianico, Colline Verdi Teatine di San Giovanni Teatino; Grupo Canoro d'Intino, Incanto Teatino di Torrevecchia Teatina, Abruzzo Incanto, Oppidi Orecchii Cantores di Chrecchio, Associazione Culturale Zampogne d'Abruzzo.

Thanks to Antonio Bini who provided information, photo and link for the video of the beautiful affair.

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