Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Focus TV of New Orleans on Devotion to the Holy Face


An inspirational interview with Patrick Enk conducted by Lisa Flood of Focus TV of New Orleans shows the importance of devotion to the Holy Face as articulated by Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis. During the program Patricia who is a member of the Carmelite Secular Order as well as an artist, speaks of the history of the devotion to the Holy Face especially since the 1800's and how it relates to the Veronica image, the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Face of Manoppello. She stresses the need for Eucharistic adoration and praying with the Holy Scriptures. Patricia's description of her visit to Manoppello and her experience of gazing upon the Holy Face there is particularly eloquent and very moving. She has compiled a book of prayers entitled "Devotion to the Holy Face" which can be ordered at www.focustvonline.com

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Diane Rabalais said...

it was very timely since the last 3 popes have requested that we seek the face of Christ and dedicated the 3rd 21st century to Christ's Most Holy Face. Pat Enk did a great job in explaining how and why it is such an important remembrance that Christ has left us to adore. Diane Rabalais