Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prayer of St. John Paul II to the Holy Face

Lord Jesus, Crucified and Risen; the image of the glory of the Father, Holy Face, which looks at us and searches for us, kind and merciful, You who call us to conversion and invite us for the fullness of love, we adore and bless you.

 In your luminous Face, we learn to love and to be loved, to find freedom and reconciliation, to promote peace, which radiates from you and leads to you.

In your glorified Face we learn to overcome every form of egoism, to hope against every hope, to choose works of life against the actions of death.  Give us grace to place you at the center of our life, to remain faithful amidst dangers and the changes of the world, to our Christian vocation;

 to announce to all people the power of the Cross and the Word which saves; to be watchful and active, to attend to the needs of the little ones; to understand the need of true liberation which had its beginning in you and will have its end in you..

Lord, grant to your Church to stand like your Virgin Mother, at the glorious Cross, and at the crosses of all people to bring about consolation, hope and comfort.

May the Holy Spirit which you have granted, bring to maturation your work of salvation, through your Holy Face, which shines forever and ever.  Amen.

Photos by Paul Badde

Prayer of St. John Paul II taken from "Devotion to the Holy Face" which may be obtained from The Discalced Carmelite Monastery Gift Shop, 73530 River Road, Covington, LA  70435

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Pat said...

It is so fitting to combine St. Pope John Paul II prayer to The Holy Face with Paul Badde's beautiful photo's. Pope John Paul II said that contemplating the Face of Christ was the mission he set before The Church for this millennium. The Holy Face of Manoppello is not merely a curiousity; it is a gift from God to be contemplated with love, prayer and gratitude. Thank you, Raymond, for helping to carry out this mission!