Sunday, January 31, 2016

Prayers Requested for Paul Badde's Speedy Recovery from Surgery

photo by Paul Badde

Prayers are requested for our friend the author and journalist Paul Badde who is recovering from  heart by pass surgery. Paul has been so faithful and untiring in witnessing to the Holy Face of Manoppello and making the Face of Jesus known throughout the world through his articles, books and photographs multiplied by his person to person ministry to so many of us. Paul was instrumental in bringing about the recent Pilgrimage Procession of the Holy Face from Manoppello to St. Peter's and Santo Spirito in Rome.
Ellen Badde, Fr. Heinrich Pfeiffer, S.J. and Paul Badde at Santo Spirito Church on January 17, 2016 (photo by Antonio Bini)

Paul Badde with Pope Benedict XVI in Manoppello on Sept. 1, 2006 surrounded by Archbishop Bruno Forte,
Fr. Andreas Resch, Fr. Heinrich Pfeiffer and Sr. Blandina Paschalis Schlomer


Pat said...

Praying for Paul Badde's swift recovery from heart surgery and also for his dear wife, Ellen. The novena to the Holy Face began yesterday, Jan. 31st (each day on and will conclude with the Feast of The Holy Face and Consecration on February 9th... we asking all to pray especially for Paul, who so loves the Holy Face of Jesus! Thank you Raymond for letting us know so we can lift him up in spirit before the Face of God.

nutshell said...

I am a big fan of Paul Badde and I find him as a kind of a prophet or a witness... I mean he is truly blessed by God and is an exellent journalist and writer. I have two of his book, about The Holy Face of Manopello and the next one about also The Turin Shroud. These books both are very important for me and it was profound experience to read it... I put this request into my pray.
I have to mention by the way that the polish translation of the second edition of the book about The Holy Face is not as good as I wish. I have to buy it again in english!


Carol Surowiec said...

Praying for Paul Badde's recovery. We are grateful for all Paul has done to make known the most precious Veil of Manoppello. Our Parish has just concluded our first Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus, and we featured Paul's books along with a few other
books and of course the Ignatius Press DVD on the Holy Face. Thank you for the encouragement from this blog and from all the work of those who wish to make known this great relic of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior! Carol Surowiec, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, Naperville, IL