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From the Rimini Meeting Website on the Exhibit of the Rediscovered Face

My translation of the Rimini Meeting website page regarding the Exhibit "The Rediscovered Face, the Unmistakeable Features of Christ"


The original italian text is at http://www.meetingrimini.org/default.asp?id=673&item=5680

The theme of this year's Meeting is "The Human Person, A State of Emergency"

See the information below on a day trip from the Meeting to the Shrine of the Holy Face on Thursday August 22

The exhibit aims to document how the desire to see the face of God, which characterized the Old Testament, remained present in the Church.
Starting from the fifth century the exhibit will retrace the history of the oldest images of Christ, called acheropiti (not made by human hands), authoritative models of a face with unmistakable features, recognizable throughout history in the West as well as in the East.

In particular, it provides space for "Veronica", the veil on which - according to tradition - Christ himself left an imprint of his face, and that was the main relic of Rome, goal and prize of medieval pilgrimages: "In that time numerous people went to see the blessed image, which Jesus Christ left us for an example of his beautiful figure "(Dante, La Vita Nuova). The pilgrim to Rome, in fact, at the end of his long journey not only worshipped at the tombs of the apostles but met the face of Christ through contemplation of Veronica, that is, His "true image" (vera-Eikon).

Devotion to what Dante called "our Veronica" is testified by countless reproductions along the pilgrimage routes, reproductions that are presented, arranged historically and geographically in the exhibit, through an interactive map made with Google Earth.

From the sixteenth century the memory of this face begins to be lost, but regarding which modern man continues to have a deep nostalgia: "Men have lost a face, a face unrecoverable, and everyone wants to be the pilgrim to Rome who sees the veil Veronica and murmurs of faith: Jesus Christ, my God, the true God, so it was, therefore, your face? "(Borges, The Artificer).

In our time there has resurfaced in the light of the Veil of Manoppello, a face of Christ on a light veil, which for four centuries has been preserved in a corner of the shrine at the foot of the Maiella.
The image, light and translucent as a photographic slide, makes itself one body with the fabric and is formed by the variations of a single color which in different light conditions appears red or gray-green.
The exhibition, in collaboration with the Capuchins who are the guardians for the Face of Manoppello, presents the unedited Relatione Historica of Father Donato da Bomba, written in 1648, regarding the arrival of the Veil in Abruzzo.

On Thursday, August 22 a day trip to Manoppello is planned. To Book your visit to Manoppello see information below
Visit in person the relic preserved in the Shrine in the province of Pescara

On the day of Thursday, August 22 there will be a tour to Manoppello.
The initiative is part of the cultural itinerary of the exhibition "the Rediscovered Face. The unmistakable features of Christ. "
Departure by bus from Rimini Fiera at 08.00 returning at 18:30, about 60 seats available.
For info and reservations : tel. 0541-1832502, email segreteria2.mostre @ meetingrimini.org
The cost of the trip will have a price of 15 euro.
During the week of the Meeting, at the booth BOOK EXHIBITS in the South Hall, you can buy a ticket for the trip.

The exhibit is under the Patronage of the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality at the Pontifical University Antonianum; Order of Friars Minor Capuchin Province of Pescara; the Association "Cult and Culture in Abruzzo The Way of the Apostle Thomas”
With the collaboration of Paul Badde, Arianna Petraccia, Heinrich W. Pfeiffer, SJ, Davide Rondoni, Marco Rossi, Silvana Tassetto, Paola Vismara.
• Exhibit organized by Paul Badde, Emanuele Colombo, Paolo Martinelli, Paola Moretti, Giovanna Parravicini, Cristina Terzaghi and Raffaella Zardoni

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