Saturday, September 20, 2014

Focus on the Life of Padre Domenico da Cese of the Holy Face

Reporting on the Conference held on September 17 Antonio Bini shares several photos and writes:

 "The church of the Madonna of the Seven Sorrows was packed with devotees from various parts of Italy.  One of the speakers, 85 year old Fr.Guglielmo Alimonti,  who was very close to Padre Pio and remains an adviser at the national level for the Prayer Groups of Padre Pio, said clearly that in Padre Domenico da Cese one could glimpse the same characteristics as those of Padre Pio."

"Solemn Mass for Padre Domenico at the Shrine of the Madonna of the Seven Sorrows .  The main celebrant, Fr. Carmine Ranieri the provincial of the Capuchins of Abruzzo, is seen at the altar."

"Fr. Luciano Antonelli, superior of the convent of the Holy Face of Manoppello at the time of Padre Domenico's death in 1978, speaks during the conference introducing the biography of Padre Domenico.  Fr. Luciano recalled the extraordinary intense homilies which Padre Domenico would give describing the Holy Face to the faithful."

"Paul Badde interviews Brother Vincenzo D'Elpidio, Padre Domenico's friend and a supporter of his cause for beatification,  in preparation for an EWTN program on the life of Padre Domenico."

"Interview with Giovanni Petracca, nephew of Padre Domenico, outside the home in Cese where Padre Domenico was born."

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