Thursday, September 4, 2014

Schedule of Public Celebrations for the Mission of the Holy Face of Manoppello by Fr. Carmine in the Philippines

photo by Paul Badde

In these days Fr. Carmine Cucinelli, OFM, Cap., Rector of the Basilica of the Holy Face of Manoppello is currently on the West Coast of the USA.  See the posting of  August 24 for the schedule of his presentations on the Holy Face of Manoppello while he is in the USA. 

 Below is a schedule for his activities starting next week in the Philippines.   Also, here is a link to a recent newspaper article from a Philippine newspaper, Business Mirror, which speaks of the Holy Face of Manoppello and Fr. Carmine's visit to the Philippines.


12:15 PM-                      Mass at Santuario de San Antonio Church  
10:00 AM                        Join Conference for Priests at Dolor Pavillion
                                             Marian Pilgrimage
                                        Pilgrimage – Archdiocese of  Lipa
  6:00 PM                       Mass at Montemaria

9/12 – FRIDAY        
                                 Conference of the Marian Pilgrimage

12:15 PM                   Mass EDSA SHRINE in Manila

4:00 PM                  Talk by Father Carmine followed by Mass at Holy  Face of  Jesus Chapel
9/14 – SUNDAY
10:30 AM                   Mass at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart, Makati
9/15 - MONDAY  
                Our Lady of the Abandoned Church –Manila
        6:15 AM                  Farewell Mass Santuario de San Antonio

photo by Antonio Bini

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