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The Second Part of the Mission by Fr. Carmine Cucinelli begins in the Philippines

photo and text by Antonio Bini

The Episcopal Conference of the Philippines, headed by Socrates B. Villegas,  announced the mission of the Shrine of the Holy Face in the Philippines with a statement made public on September 5 on its corporate website http: // / cbcpnews /? p = 40792 -

This comes as a recognition of sharing and support for the program of spreading the knowledge of the Holy Face in a country, the Philippines, which which has the highest number of Catholics in Asia. Out of a hundred million people, Catholics represent about 70% of the population.

It should be recalled that in the preparatory phase of the mission,  Archbishop Bruno Forte of the Archdiocese of Chieti- Vasto where the shrine is located, had contacted the bishops of each diocese included in the pastoral program.

The statement noted that "the faithful Filipinos will have the opportunity to venerate what we consider the imprint of the face of the Lord." In fact, it is a reproduction of the Holy Face and the original remained in the Shrine in Manoppello.

The press release states that "the sacred object it is a shroud, veil or handkerchief commonly used by the Jews to cover the face of their dead to burial," recalling "the visit of Benedict XVI to Manoppello, who decided to make the visit after he had  read the book by Paul Badde. "

The statement, which makes reference to the cover of the magazine Inside the Vatican which shows an  image of Manoppello, summarizes the main characteristics of the veil, on the basis of scientific and historical research:

a) The faces of the Shroud of Turin and the cloth of Manoppello coincide;

b) both images are "acheiropoietas" in the sense that they could not be made by human hands;

c) The Veil would be dated between the time of the Lord's crucifixion and resurrection.

d) The Shroud of Turin shows the image of a man with his eyes closed and fresh wounds, while the veil of Manoppello has a face with eyes open and closed wounds.

For these conclusions are also referred to the authorities of the Church, perhaps alluding to the views and testimonies of so many cardinals.

The statement of the Bishops' Conference was picked up by radio, television and newspapers, including the Manila Times.

The program began with a visit to the studios of Catholic Radio Veritas  and then continue, as foreseen, in the Sanctuary of San Antonio, Forbes Park in Makati.

Father Carmine reported "the warm welcome received, beginning with the arrival at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. At the end of the solemn Mass in the sanctuary "- states  Fr. Carmine - "which was concelebrated by eight religious, followed by a long line of  groups of the faithful who have stayed for more than two hours before the reproduction of the Holy Face, with scenes of intense devotion, before the transfer to the city of Lipa", where he will meet today Ramon Cabrera Arguelles, Archbishop of the Diocese of Lipa. In the Cathedral of Lipa will be held a vigil throughout the night with songs and prayers.  It was also learned that in the Shrine which is being built in honor of the Virgin Mary, mother of the entire Asia, there are plans to include a  chapel of the Holy Face.

Carmine P. Ranieri, provincial minister of the Capuchin d'Abruzzo has expressed, on behalf of the Order, his satisfaction for the spiritual fruits that the mission has realized in the United States and the Philippines in the name of the Holy Face, prior to which there had been a challenging preparatory work carried out by the Shrine.

The itinerary of Fr. Carmine Cucinelli will end on September 17, although at this time the program is intensifying with further meetings, presentations and masses.

A news report on the mission of the Holy Face prepared by the newspaper Inquirer is present on Youtube  along with articles on the Mission on various sites  on the internet.

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