Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Videos of Feast of Holy Face of Manoppello May 2011 on Youtube
video of the Procession of the Holy Face about to leave the Shrine on its way to the Church of San Nicola
people in procession of the Holy Face accompanied by fireworks on the way to the Church of San Nicola

these videos were taken by me and are not very well filmed but give some idea of the amazing Feast of the Holy Face. Special thanks to the Fr. Carmine and the other Capuchin friars, as well as to the people of Manoppello and the Abruzzo region for their devotion and example.

More Photos of the Holy Face May 15 and 16 2011

the Holy Face in procession through the streets of historic Manoppello, note Paul Badde to the right in the white hat

the Holy Face about to leave the Church of San Nicola to return to the Shrine

Thanks to Paul Badde for the first and fourth of the above photos and to Antonio Bini for the second and third photos. What a blessed time to be able to see the Holy Face among the people who have been devoted for centuries. My Lord and my God!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Italian Magazine Devoted to Padre Pio Dedicates Special Edition to the Holy Face of Manoppello

Thanks to Antonio Bini for sending me this striking cover of the Italian publication and for the following note

"Il Settimanale di Padre Pio" (The Padre Pio Weekly) number 16 of April 24, 2011 - comprises a special Easter edition dedicated to the Holy Face of Manoppello entitled "the True Face of the Risen One". The magazine, edited by Father Stefano Miotto, contains a number of number of contributions and articles authored by Renzo Allegri, Sr. Blandina, Lorenzo Bianchi and Antonio Farina, accompanied by numerous images. The nineteen page special edition includes the significant testimony of Renzo Allegri, the author of the article published in 1978 by a german language swiss Catholic magazine which attracted the attention of Sr. Blandina and which began her research into the Holy Face. Allegri is a journalist and author well known for his studies and publications on Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.