Monday, September 19, 2011

Youtube Course on Holy Face of Manoppello

A talented Italian artist, Raffaela Zardoni, has recently posted a beautifully illustrated course, entitled The Rediscovered Face, describing the history of the Holy Face of Manoppello from the first century until today.

There are four segments totaling approximately 38 minutes. Originally available only in Italian, it has now thankfully been translated into English. This course is a great introduction to the wonderful image.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scriptural Emblem Linking Holy Face of Manoppello to Our Lady of Guadalupe Discovered by Paul Badde

Recently I received the following e-mail from Paul Badde with some exciting news.
"In the little chapel of the Basilica of Manoppello, where the Holy Face had been kept and locked away for centuries until 1948 throughout the year (with the only exception of two annual processions) I found this Latin scripture the other day emblazoned on the ceiling: NON FECIT TALITER OMNI NATIONI.

This quotation (from psalm 147,20) is precisely the same famous saying, in fact, with which Pope Benedict XIV officially acknowledged on May 25th, 1754 the divine and not man-made nature of the Image on the Tilma of Juan Diego in Guadalupe. In Mexico nearly every taxi-driver knows these words by heart, as I experienced there 12 years ago: HE (GOD) HAS NOT DONE THIS FOR ANY OTHER NATION!

Strangely enough a day before my discovery the first pilgrims from Mexico had arrived at the shrine bringing one of the oldest photos of Juan Diego's Tilma to Padre Carmine (Rector of the Shrine of the Holy Face), whom they invited to Mexico for this October

They are completely enthusiastic about this new discovery in the chapel where the Holy Face has been kept until 1948, too, of course."