Friday, June 15, 2018

Devotion to the Holy Face of Manoppello Spreading from Nampicuan to Indonesia

Fr. Christian R. Magtalas, Rector of the Shrine of the Holy Face in Nampicuan,  posted the following photos and article on Facebook earlier today about his mission to Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

A very religious woman, a great supporter and sponsor of Catholic Church in Indonesia, Ms. Felisia Tjhan visited the Sanctuary of the Holy Face of Jesus in Asia in Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, last year 2017 with the SCMM (Sisters of Charity of our Lady Mother of Mercy) had experienced a great miracle and spiritual nourishment when she reflected in front of the face of Jesus. That visit made her to decide to work hard to bring the devotion to her hometown in Padang Indonesia and to spread its devotion to the whole of Indonesia. She communicated with the help of the SCMM sisters to be able to have a replica and travel it to her native land.
After series of communications, we have decided to grant their request and arranged all the necessary things for its enthronement. This June 12, I travelled from the Philippines with my companions, Fr. Renato Santos and Sr. Amelita Dumagpi SCMM to Jakarta and took the local flight to Padang Indonesia on the same day. The whole community of SCMM Sisters and the nearby community welcomed us with high spirit and love. 

The Enthronement happened days after on June 15, 2018. The Replica was temporary enthroned inside the main chapel of the SCMM community while waiting to finish the construction of its special place near the pilgrim chapel of Our Lady of Manaoag where lots of Catholics are also visiting the blessed mother frequently. The Re Enthronement will be done by the Bishop of Padang, Indonesia as soon its official Sanctuary is done.
We thank Ms. Felishia TJhan, SCMM community headed by the Mother Superior Francisca Frida Sinaga and her companions: Sr. Rosalin Kusno Harjono,
Sr. Angela Siregar,
Sr. Odilia Manao,
Sr. Monalda Gultom
Sr. Franselin Nago and Sr. Mojani Neni for assisting us for its enthronement and for the Recognition of the Bishop of Padang, Msgr. Martinus Dogma Situmorang and the parish priest, Fr. Mateus Tatebburuk Pr.
In special way, we sincerely thank Fr. Cucinelli Carmine, the Rector of Basilica Del Volto Santo, Italy for giving us the blessing to propagate the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus in the whole of Asia.
- Fr. Christian R. Magtalas