Thursday, February 21, 2008

Journalists guide the way to knowledge of the Holy Face

Without going to Manoppello to see the image there in person, there are two journalists to whom we must turn if we are to know the Holy Face of Manoppello: Saverio Gaeta and Paul Badde. Saverio Gaeta's book on the Holy Face is published in Italian and is entitled: The Other Shroud, the true story of the face of Jesus. Paul Badde's book is published in German and also in an Italian translation whose title is The Second Shroud. These experienced and widely respected journalists have had access to an incredible amount of research starting with that of Father Pfeiffer, S.J. and Sr. Blandina Schloemer. Added to Gaeta's and Badde's use of the research conducted by Pfeiffer and Schloemer is their work of synthesizing research done by biblical scholars, historians, and experts on the Shroud, in Rome and elsewhere. What is very important and should be underlined is that they have made use of the freedom to openly state with frankness what they have learned regarding this important matter with a persistent patience and mildness. These two journalists have laid out the road we must travel to come to a correct conclusion.

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