Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Manoppello this year the Feast of the Holy Face is Celebrated on the Feast of the Holy Trinity

This coming Sunday, May 18, will be the feast of the Holy Face in Manoppello, which is always celebrated on the third Sunday in May with great festivity, including a procession of the Image of the Holy Face to the parish church of San Nicola where it will remain overnight. This year it seems especially fortunate that this celebration will take place on Holy Trinity Sunday.

I am posting a few photographs provided to me by the courtesy of Paul Badde. The two photos which show the Holy Face in procession demonstrate the two distinct yet complementary sides of the image, which can be distinguished from one another by the dark, wound-like marks around the nose. On one side (the side considered the anterior which faces the church's convent choir) the upper wound is to the right of the nose, and on the other side (the side considered the posterior which is seen by the people during Mass) the upper wound is to the left of the nose. (Note: the majority of available photographs in general circulation are of the anterior side) In order to see these photographs which I have posted well, click on the photograph, you will be amazed.

Nevertheless many things regarding the beauty and mystery of the Holy Face are said to be revealed only during the procession of the Holy Face in the light of day.

Let us unite ourselves in prayer with the people of Manoppello this day of the Holy Trinity. Come Lord Jesus!

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