Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cardinal Tagle Message from Manoppello to Friends of the Holy Face 2017

 Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manil who presided during the feast of the Holy Face in Manoppello this past weekend,  sends a message of encouragement from Manoppello on May 20, 2017, the feast of the Holy Face, to Daisy Neves and all those who promote the Holy Face throughout the world in the Philippines, the USA, Canada and everywhere

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Unknown said...

Thank you. Your Eminence Cardinal Tagle ..for your encouraging message to us, friends of the Holy Face, ..."to continue to spread the devotion to the Holy Face".. This statement means so much to many -- to persevere and continue to use our time and talents and to be Jesus' bodies, hands and feet to share to others and propagate the Holy Face of Jesus in Manoppello..the most important and unique Relic in Christiandom.