Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nihil Obstat for the Cause of Beatification of Padre Domenico da Cese -- Apostle of the Holy Face

Recently I received the good news from Antonio Bini of the decision of the Vatican's  Congregation for the Cause of the Saints to grant the Nihil Obstat for the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God Padre Domenico da Cese, O.F.M., Cap. (1905-1978) the Apostle of the Holy Face of Manoppello.  Padre Domenico resided at the Shrine in Manoppello from 1965 to 1978.  He promoted the Holy Face in every way possible and lived an exemplary life as a religious.

Padre Domenico da Cese promoting the Holy Face of Manoppello at the Eucharistic Congress in Pescara in 1977

Here is a copy of the Nihil Obstat from the Congregation addressed to the Archbishop of Chieti-Vasto Bruno Forte. Thanks to Antonio Bini for this news and the copy of the Nihil Obstat.  The faithful devoted to Padre Domenico who have witnessed extraordinary events that would be useful to the process of beatification are asked to send the pertinent information to the Santuario del Volto Santo 65024 Manoppello - Italy

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Pat said...

What wonderful news...Praying for his Canonization each day!

Maya said...

I am so thankfull to Jesus for this news! I am so lucky one because of I`ve found this blog. This story about Padre Domenico is well-known for me from Paul Badde`s book.I remember, it looks like Jesus probably was on Earth and saved him and his father from terrible earthquake. And the story of his death on his journey to Turin Shroud.Such a stories!
I have to see also archive posts :-)
God bless You all! Maya