Thursday, August 2, 2018

Holy Face in Lebanon

editors note:  this post is a compilation of messages received in early July from Mrs. Daisy Neves, great friend to all who love and promote the Holy Face.  Thanks Daisy!

Dearest Friends.. I found this in Fr Nadim viber message; maybe not too clear ... he gives Holy Face pictures and brochures as he distributed food boxes to Syrian and Iraqi refugees.  Maronite priest beside him but I don’t have his name.

Fr Nadim Abou Zeid  presented Holy Face picture to the Syriac Orthodox Bishop George Saliba  together with  1500 brochures and booklets which he put together for printing in Lebanon.  Also he donated the framed Holy Face to a Maronite Catholic Church..St Elias Catholic church in Beirut..but no pictures yet.

Fr Nadim is truly a Holy Face Missionary not only in Lebanon but to the Orthodox and other Rites (Catholic Maronite Syriac, Catholic Copts, Catholic Chaldeans. Catholic Greeks, and more..i have to go to last year few notes) ..he mentioned " 10 churches" ..Fr Nadim works alone and with help of relatives with cars..he managed to do these 2 missions together..donate food boxes and hand out the Holy Face pictures, etc.  And this is his annual vacation!  At least 10 days are spent for the Holy Face (just coordinating with the printer, boxes them, deliver them to welcoming priests..etc)_..truly a big task for Fr Nadim..only because he believes and loves the Holy Face..that is why he is doing this.  But it helps that he is able to combine these two boxes which he has been doing for years and evangelize the existence of the Holy Face..(which originated from next the Holy Face came full circle..not quite because we have no contact yet  Jerusalem yet.  

This picture shows Fr Nadim and companion priest..preaching to the refugees and some local Lebanese..he is holding the Holy Face and look closely the audience have already gotten their copies of the HF picture and brochures  (Fr Nadim said he compiled the prayer of Pope Benedict, Novena to the Holy Face,  he copied the short history of the Holy Face which the ladies and I have put together , songs, etc. in Arabic).  My niece forwarded  message from Fr Nadim...

  Fr Nadim distributes food boxes to the Syrian and Iraqi refugees and at the same them a picture of the Holy Face, brochures and prayer Arabic.  I had him hand-carry a nicely framed Holy Face (same as I gave to Fr Goode of St Francis church in East Palo Alto in Nov 2017)  and was enthroned at St Elias Maronite Catholic Church in Beirut, Lebanon.  This is his second Holy Face Mission in Lebanon (2017-2018).  

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